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Order fulfilment optimization system for distribution centers

Achieve high standards in warehousing
and increase customers satisfaction

Failing to fulfill customer orders with accuracy and speed can result to a significant loss of man-hours, handling expenses and customer satisfaction. Regardless of the size of your warehouse or the number of SKUs to manage, it is essential that you constantly monitor and improve the process of picking order items from your inventory and grouping them in containers for shipment.

The right pick and pack method that best satisfies your needs, depends on the physical layout of your warehouse and the process flow that you follow in your order management system. Whether you follow in a single process for all orders or a per case basis, Plantecho Pick & Pack Solution will give you the flexibility to decide the optimal way for each scenario separately.

Extensive functionality range that boosts warehouse performance

There are three main issues to be handled during the fulfilment of a customer’s order; what to pick in terms of quality, quantity and delivery rules such as FIFO, FEFO etc., how to pick it in terms of priority, location and order grouping and how to pack it in containers such as boxes and pallets.

The combination of those three, makes order fulfilment a complex process that requires the use of a multitude of information that is constantly changing. Plantecho manages these critical aspects and automates the process of picking so that operators are assisted and guided all the way through with ease.

Advanced software algorithms in conjunction with top technology will run your warehouse to meet your needs and deliver the best outcome with respect to performance and efficiency. Keep your customers happy, minimize returns and eliminate excess handling costs.


Priority algorithms

Apply handling rules in the order that goods are dispatched from the warehouse and ensure their enforcement, in order to achieve optimal inventory stock cycles and a smooth product lot flow.


Route optimization

Reduce the walking time operators have to do in order to collect goods for order fulfilment by navigating them through the optimal path, based on predefined options like distance, quantity and order.

Check List

Step-by-step guidance

Increase speed and efficiency by hiding the complexity of order picking from operators with a guiding system that removes excess information and takes them through the entire process at one step at a time.

Real Time

Live response

Take advantage of the automatic calibration features that respond to unexpected changes in inventory and order status and re-evaluate the best action for the current step in real time.

Warehouse Management System

Advanced inventory management for top performance and complete visibility

Push performance and quality to the top

Inventory handling control

The efficiency of warehouses is significantly reduced by lack of visibility and situational awareness. You can improve the flow of inventory and gain control over stock and the way in which it is handled, by applying an automated system that is constantly monitoring requirements, constrains and resources capabilities, and based in this information, guides operators through their daily tasks. This will give people the required help to act fast, accurately and in an orderly fashion.

Execution flexibility

Different product categories require different handling processes. Furthermore, each customer maintains his own profile and may have special requirements that must be dealt-with in a different way than usual. Plantecho helps you overcome these issues by offering you the capability of defining multiple procedures for handling different cases and complex requirements. An easy, out-of-the-box feature which can be customized to fit your needs on the fly at any moment.

Quality assurance

Applying quality standards everywhere, including warehousing, is important and essential for achieving the best performance. By assuring the proper picking and packing execution you will also guarantee quality and safety for you and your customers. Enforcing the procedures in place will eliminate mistakes such as shipping inappropriate products or batch number, will help with the optimal replenishment of picking areas and create transparency throughout the entire chain of operations.

Valuable insight

Pick & Pack automation lays the structure and procedures of order fulfilment, but also monitors and records their actual execution. Comparing the two and measuring response times and accuracy will give you the necessary knowledge to understand what is keeping you from performing well and what is working best for your team and your warehouse. Improvement can only be achieved by assessing actual results, which requires process monitoring, data collection and traceability.

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