Asset Monitoring & Integration

Drive change to a cyber-physical age
with automation and interoperability

Integration drives
opportunities for performance

Taking advantage of the vast amount of data that is constantly generated by devices and control equipment, is a necessity and a challenge for today’s industries. Isolated systems are no longer a viable option for manufacturers who want to move to the next industrial age and harvest the benefits of unified operational environments.

To solve complex business problems and gain in productivity and cost reduction, companies must make their assets part of a broader ecosystem of digital and physical parts that behaves intelligently, in a closed loop and provides insight on performance and operative status. Plantecho Asset Monitoring and Integration provides a unique platform for digital device management and control that leverages cutting edge technologies to support advanced industrial solutions.

Improve return on existing investments

Limited capital resources and the need to maintain production cost at the lowest level, are forcing businesses to look for solutions that take advantage of existing assets. Getting the most out of current investments is a tremendous benefit and, in many cases, a one-way option.

By including legacy systems in the overall strategy for digital transformation, manufacturers set up the right conditions for optimal asset utilization, increase in yield and waste reduction without facing the dilemma and challenges of making new investments on equipment.

Plantecho can integrate and support existing systems without compromising scalability or excluding the adoption of new technological trends.

Plug n Play

Plug n play support

Plantecho supports commonly used communication protocols out of the box, allowing for easy and fast connectivity and utilization of devices, while at the same time contains structured interfaces that are used to connect legacy and non-standard protocol devices.


Interactive environment

Implement smart operations over an interactive environment of automation that goes further than data collection and digitization, to auto-responsiveness and control through automated workflows and visual user-friendly interfaces.


Real-time awareness

Improve your responsiveness with real-time visibility on critical information with visual alerts and push notifications. Expand your awareness beyond what is, to what may come as a result of the impact of current and past events.

Real Time

Advanced diagnostics

Gain insights on the behavior of your systems with tools that help you understand what is happening and why, either real-time with cause and effect monitoring or by past reference with digital reconstruction of circumstances and conditions.

Manufacturing Execution System

Ride the wave of Industry 4.0 with systems that drive operational excellence

Capitalize on the benefits of digital transformation

Improve asset utilization

Unplanned downtime, poor scheduling and underperformance are the most common factors that directly affect the degree at which industrial facilities utilize their machinery and devices. In order for manufacturers to take advantage of the full potential of their assets, they need a reliable performance and availability measuring system that allows them to identify occurring problems, upcoming issues and most importantly, opportunities for improvement in the way they manage and use their assets at everyday processes.

Solve business problems

In a constantly evolving competitive market, customer demands and industry regulations are making the manufacturing process even more complicated. Companies are forced to find solutions for complex problems that transcend isolated legacy systems. Today’s challenges require technological innovations that take advantage of physical assets as part of a broader strategy for digital transformation. Plantecho highlights the vital role of assets in dealing with modern problems.

Go smart with closed loop automations

Smart factories require smart operations that are digitally interacting with each other by passing data along the entire process chain and by triggering automated actions and events. The digital integration of assets, information systems and processes createσ a closed-loop unified environment that optimizes operations, increases quality, reduces waste and improves overall performance. Plantecho Asset Management creates intelligent value-added solutions that lead manufacturers to the new industrial reality.

Support growth with scalability

Business growth and expansion is the number one goal for every manufacturer and a never-ending process that, in many cases, requires the reengineering of entire business models. In order for manufacturers to expand they must adopt flexible systems that support scalability both in terms of operations and infrastructure. Multiple protocol and standards integration along with support for local and cloud-based services, allow Plantecho to offer sustainable solutions for ever-growing volumes of requirements.

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