Order Management

Digital shipment order management system for warehouses

More than inventory management

Inventory management offers huge advantages for a warehouse facility. However, what is outside of the scope of inventory management systems, is the orchestration and monitoring of the processes involved, between the moment a customer order is received to the moment it is physically dispatched from the warehouse. This is under the responsibility of the systems that are usually referenced as order management systems.

Without focusing on the specifics of how goods are processed for shipment, order management is handling issues that are more closely related to administration rather than execution. It’s responsibilities often extend beyond the constrains of a single warehouse, as they oversee the smooth flow of operations across the entire enterprise, coordinate site to site transactions and distribute workload.

ERP order management vs WMS order management

Responsibilities covered by ERP and WMS systems often seem to overlap each other. This assumption is stronger regarding the area of order management. However, this is a just a misconception as each system plays a significant but different role in inventory and order management.

The main difference between them is that WMS order management relies heavily on the real-time information that is constantly collecting from all the other WMS modules. Rather than working with batch, late or out-of-date data entries, WMS order management maintains an accurate up-to-date awareness.

As part of a complete WMS system, order management provides an intelligent tool that helps you optimize handling and inventory related processes based on what actually is at any given moment.


Process automation

Apply customized model definitions and workflows to automate steps in the chain of operations, to optimize processes in ways that address your specific needs and to create added value to your business.


Order tracking

Manage shipment orders through all the required stages, from preparation, to dispatching and back from customer returns, with real-time notifications, progress monitoring and execution assessments.


Reporting & analytics

Use combined and detailed information in an insightful format, which helps you asses your performance, identify new opportunities, evaluate losses and potential risks and ultimately make better decisions.


ERP integration

Add extra value to both ERP and WMS systems by applying a communication layer between the two that will enable information sharing, enrich functionality and increase responsiveness across your entire business.

Warehouse Management System

Advanced inventory management for top performance and complete visibility

Aim at seamless process and effective management

End-to-end solution

By combining order management with other product-related modules in Plantecho, such as inventory and production management, you will integrate the entire product life-cycle in a unified execution system. This will enhance the overall experience and benefits to be gained from digital order management. Better information utilization, paperless transactions and the promotion of real-time synergetic culture, will accelerate your journey through digital transformation.

Fully transparent

The multitude of stages an order may undergo until it is fully shipped, can turn into a managerial nightmare. With digital order management, navigation through the many steps of order fulfillment is an easy and insightful process that transcends the levels of execution control. Disruptions in the supply chain, stock shortages, production delays and high-demand, can be overviewed, assed and dealt with on time, with the help of transparent and meaningful information.

Workflow enabled

Frequent changes in customer demands and the increasing variations in handling requirements, call for a flexible and dynamic response mechanism in order management. Plantecho, has built in functionality that allows for process modifications on-the-fly, without restructuring the entire setup of the system. This architecture makes it easier for businesses to adapt to unplanned or expansive changes in a fast, reliable and cost-effective way, without worrying about hassle and inconveniences.

Modular and scalable

Business needs change and along do warehouse and order management requirements. Too much functionality when you don’t need it is as bad as too few when you depend on it. Plantecho Order Management system offers simplicity for straightforward processes, but it can also be extended and customized to a high degree in order to satisfy the most complex procedures. With multi-configuration support, Plantecho is ideal for both growing and well-established businesses.

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