Labor Management

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In today’s competitive market, cost cutting is crucial for sustainability and competitiveness. Despite technological advances, people still remain the most valuable asset, and in many cases the most expensive one as well. Proper management is essential to take advantage of people’s possibilities and empower them to act to the best of their abilities. Doing so, contributes to the smooth flow of operations in physical, as well as, digital systems, and ensures the best business outcome.

Labor Management helps both manufacturers and operators organize tasks, measure performance and gain situational awareness, that can lead to improvement and process optimization. Dual benefits promote a cooperative environment that benefits all, and therefore it is embraced by every member in the company.

A labor centric approach for top performance

Productivity in the shop floor is not a corporate planning issue. Therefore, the traditional labor management approach, as executed today by ERP systems, can neither deal with optimal personnel utilization or accurate employee activity tracking.

Moving beyond the basics of time attendance, is critical in order to gather meaningful information and evaluate employee performance accurately. By integrating labor management in the execution process, Plantecho creates a direct link between activities and individuals with valuable benefits.

Personnel empowerment allows employees to operate at their maximum potential, while accountability helps them understand their direct impact in production and drives improvement. At the same time, management gains awareness of actual labor utilization, operational needs and hidden costs.

Smart Card

Digital check-in

Employees can check-in and out of a job by using their electronic signatures or identification cards. This makes the time registration process both easy and accurate and provides supervisors with real time information.


Activity tracking

Register personnel allocation in jobs, monitor workcentre switching and generate a detailed log of daily activities. Historical records are valuable insights for traceability purposes as well as cost evaluation and performance analysis.



Every employee activity produces a digital footprint that can be traced back if needed. This works for the benefit of all employees as they become protected from not being accountable for the activities of others.


Improved analytics

Human activity is a determinant factor in performance and quality. By including labor in reporting and analytics, decision manufacturers get a complete and informative account of events and operational outcome.

Manufacturing Execution System

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Accurate product costing

Accurate product costing requires a precise account of labor hours per job. Lack of this information in ERP systems creates serious limitations that can lead to arbitrary conclusions and can potentially hide under-performance and excess costs issues. Plantecho Labor Management tracks employee attendance on per job basis and can produce detailed data as to who worked where and for how long. This valuable information can be shared with ERP systems, and help them generate faster more realistic product costing evaluations.

Quality and safety assurance

It is essential for manufacturers to ensure that access to critical equipment is limited to certified personnel and that operations are executed from employees with adequate skills. Plantecho labor management monitors employee certifications and qualifications to verify that product and personnel safety is not compromised and that procedural requirements and quality standards are met. Constraints are enforced to prevent employees from acting without proper authorization, while supervisors stay aware of employee certification status.

Real-time insight

Like every other module, Plantecho Labor Management is designed for real-time operations. The impact of this approach for planning, scheduling and decision making, is significant. Supervisors can allocate workforce in jobs and optimally manage their teams with complete knowledge of availability versus production requirements. Moreover, they become immediately aware of changes in labor capacity or performance that can affect the current schedule and they act immediately with corrective actions.

Employee accountability

Employee activity tracking produces a direct link between people and operational outcome. This enforces accountability for poor quality or performance issues since there is complete transparency as to who did what and when. When it comes to problem investigation, manufacturers can rely on accurate information for evaluation and decision making. On the other side, employees maintain awareness of their personal performance over time and they gain motivation for improvement by understanding their impact on production.

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