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Product & package labeling system

Strengthen your supply-chain
with traceable data

Modern supply-chain management requires automatic product identification systems to help speed-up warehouse and production operations, improve accuracy and increase performance in inventory handling. Labeling is the backbone of these systems and it is used by businesses for both internal and external logistic and traceability purposes.

The benefits of labeling include, but are not limited to, transparency in operations, safe inventory handling and historical data, all of which will allow you to safeguard your business against the implications of human error, comply with global logistic B2B transaction standards and gain new opportunities for growth and increase in market share.

Risk-free labeling management

Plantecho includes an embedded labeling system with central management for unlimited label designs, and remote printing services that remove the need for local printers and computer-attached devices.

Cover your individual needs and respond to your customer’s demands with advanced design features and printing tools. Plantecho will automatically generate error-free labels with current data and without user interference.

Eliminate labor and excess production costs with fully managed Print & Apply systems. High performance applicators will automate production lines, assure quality and significantly improve performance.

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Global standards

Plantecho includes out-of-the-box support for GS1 barcodes and GTIN and SSCC code generators that make your labels compliant with logistic and trade requirements.

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RFID enabled

Besides 1D and 2D conventional barcode labels, Plantecho supports RFID technology, which gives you the opportunity to implement more sophisticated and advanced solutions.

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Multi-barcode support

Create and print professional labels with a single or multiple barcode of any type to satisfy customer requirement and industry regulations.

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Hardware agnostic

Plantecho is hardware agnostic and can operate with any label printer without constraints. As a result, you can utilize existing assets and lower the cost of capital investment.

Warehouse Management System

Advanced inventory management for top performance and complete visibility

Turn labeling into a cost-efficient company asset

Regulatory compliance

New regulations are forcing companies to evaluate and reinforce their quality procedures in favor of consumer safety and awareness. Especially in pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries, there are a number of directives to be satisfied concerning adequate and accurate product labeling. Centralized management and workflow automation, offered by Plantecho Labeling system, make regulatory compliance an easy and efficient process.

Consistency & scalability

The design and implementation of new labels requires minimum technical knowledge. This allows departments such as quality assurance and logistics to issue and instantly deploy new labels without the need of IT staff and without installing software or sharing files across departments. Furthermore, scaling-out is as easy as plugging a new printer on the network and does not require custom installation or additional software.

Quality assurance

Mislabeled products or wrong information can have a serious impact on a brand reputation and force a business to face compliance penalties. Centralized label and printing management, regulates the approval and availability of label designs available for printing, automates label printing with built-in procedures and dictates label content to match the referenced item. As a result, the risk of shipping products with wrong label or information is eliminated.

Cost saving

Data entry errors, product mislabeling and manual processes are the main source of indirect and hidden costs in labeling. Moreover, legacy applications and labor-based labeling systems do not allow quick and safe response to changes in market requirements. Plantecho Label Automation provides businesses with a dynamic, integrated labeling environment that speeds labeling process through automation and achieves error-free results at first time.

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