Execution System

Ride the wave of Industry 4.0 with systems that drive operational excellence

Experience profound control
over plant operations

The Manufacturing Execution System is the heart or every production facility. It streamlines processes, orchestrates daily procedures and helps maximize efficiency, productivity & performance. It provides guidance, real-time information and insight to the entire chain of operations, from the smallest task to the most vital job.

The Plantecho MES software offers a wide range of functionality that covers every aspect of the product life cycle. It promotes a paperless, digitally interconnected environment, that supports the transition of your business to the era of digital transformation.

Industry 4.0 Ready

Alter the DNA of your plant and adapt to the upcoming changes in manufacturing

IIoT Asset integration

Maximize return on investment and strengthen your decision-making process by integrating your assets to a unified industrial platform, that creates an inseparable link between resources and processes.

Predictive planning

Gain from the data produced by your assets and operations, by using them in a proactive rather than reactive manner to stay ahead of situations that can cause drawbacks.

Event-driven model

Benefit from the advantages of situational awareness by responding accurately, on time and in absolute synchronization with events and conditions just when needed.

Modernize your operations and increase
your competitive advantage

Digitalize batch, discrete and hybrid operations

Add value to your processes by integrating them in a single information management system that allows the interconnection of all concerned teams. Whether batch, discrete, or something in between, Plantecho MES supports all types of processes with build-in functionality and tools. Execute recipes without errors, enforce rules and procedures in production and monitor progress across job orders and departments accurately and in real-time.

Discover and eliminate hidden costs

Total operational cost can increase over time due to poorly designed and executed procedures, insufficient planning, and misleading or missing information. Discover your weak spots by measuring and analyzing performance issues and bottlenecks in production. Use modern and reliable tools to improve process flow and eliminate possible waste in time and resources. Plantecho MES helps you bring to surface unknown issues that keep you from achieving your full potential, by setting up a structured procedural base.

Maximize asset and resource utilization

Under performance and resource misuse are common issues in production lines and inventory management. Dead times, bottlenecks, material shortages and equipment unavailability, are only a few out of the many factors that need to be calculated and dealt with in manufacturing daily. Plantecho MES can undertake this task accurately, efficiently and most importantly fast and in real time. By taking into account plant capacity and resource levels and availability, Plantecho MES helps you plan your actions efficiently and act on upcoming drawbacks proactively.

Improve overall plant performance and efficiency

Plantecho MES provides a collaborative platform across departments, which shares information, links processes and promotes collaboration between people. It empowers individuals with real-time actionable insight and motivates them to achieve top performance by elevating the importance and impact of their contribution to the entire value chain. At the business level, it assists decision makers by increasing situational awareness with accurate and immediate information at all levels.

Lead your company to the era of digital manufacturing

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