Smart Track Loading

Loading count automation for conveyor belt systems

Boost truck loading speed
with auto-ID solutions and IIoT

Conveyor belt configurations in truck loading are essential for shipping large quantities of discrete units. They also present a unique opportunity for optimizing the logistic and safety procedures that are required alongside the physical process. Plantecho Smart Loading system applies automatic identification solutions and industrial IoT technology to capture, validate and control the entire process.

The digitalization of conveyor-based shipments significantly improves the ability of your company to deliver accurately, without missing or excess items, while it also ensures that quality and inventory constrains, such as FIFO or other rules, are enforced properly and with no deviations.

Benefit from low-cost automation solutions

Adding value to existing machinery offers a great opportunity for growth and minimizes the required capital for investments. Applying auto-ID and IIoT technology to conveyor belts is a great example of how this can be achieved.

Smart Truck Loading upgrades conveyor belt systems and delivers all the benefits of digital transformation in the field of product shipment. The auto-ID technology provides a digital tracking system that monitors, traces and controls what is loaded and send to customers.

On the other hand, IIoT monitors and manages machinery to ensure the safe and accurate execution of shipments and to provide awareness to employees when rules are violated or operational conditions are not met.

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Auto-ID ready

Take advantage of the latest technology in the auto-ID sector for digital identification and tracking of products and commodities as part of your automated loading system.


Fully automated

Digital identification technologies and our IoT monitoring system will help you eliminate errors caused by human factors and speed-up the entire shipment process with measurable results.

Data Sync

Back-office compatible

Beyond Plantecho WMS, the Smart Truck Loading is compatible with any back-office system by operating as an extended interface for managing and executing shipment orders.


Completely traceable

Due to the automatic historian for tracked items and events, you can trace back any shipment and analyze what, when and to whom it was shipped and to recall any noticeable events that took place.

Warehouse Management System

Advanced inventory management for top performance and complete visibility

Invest in the future with value-added and robust technologies

Reduce labor cost

Automated validations and machinery control release valuable resources from low-value tasks and provides a constant flow of information to employees as to what is needed at any given moment in order to fulfill shipment orders. By relieving employees from rule-based tasks and calculations and by assigning them to information systems, personnel efficiency is greatly improved and tasks are completed faster with greater accuracy and minimum errors.

Eliminate paperwork

Direct communication with Plantecho WMS or any other back-office software, makes the need for maintaining a paper-based system totally obsolete. Shipment orders and even last-minute changes are pushed automatically and applied to the loading system. On the same manner, shipment execution status and actual results are pushed back to the back-office systems automatically and in real time, without human interaction or any other kind of intervention.

Monitor in real-time

By enabling digital technologies in conveyor-based systems, they become part of a network based interconnected environment that can be monitored remotely and in real-time. That gives you the ability to maintain a live view on shipment schedule and execution progress status. Furthermore, it enables you to gain visibility and valuable insight into operations, which can be used for better decision making and improved responsiveness.

Increase ROI

The Smart Truck Loading system is complementary to your existing conveyor belt implementation and therefore requires a limited investment. Furthermore, due to its high-level automation, it requires minimum training and can be applied immediately with measurable results from day-one. The combination of those two factors is ensuring that you will start seeing an immediate and fast return on investment.

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