Batch & Recipe Management

Modernize batch execution and improve efficiency with electronic records

Regulate batch execution for compliance and performance

Batch management is a core module of Plantecho MES solution, designed to offer complete control, visibility, and traceability in every step of the procedures related to batch operations. It involves the modeling of physical and procedural aspects that constitute a batch process, from equipment and control units to recipe execution phases and steps.

By implementing the batch management module you will ensure high-quality results in production and efficiency in operations. User guidance, electronic records, check lists and automated data capture will help you improve performance and at the same time reduce paperwork, errors and assure compliance with rules and regulations.

Promote paperless for transparency

Even small deviations from specifications during execution, can fail a batch. Therefore, procedural and quality assurance is of paramount importance. Hard-copy records for documentation, execution logging, and transaction ledgers seem an attractive option due to the immediacy and simplicity of the paper, but they can neither assure data integrity nor security.

On the other hand, digital systems provide guidance and control over batch and recipe execution with step-by-step instructions, detailed electronic records, and rule enforcement, while at the same time maintain data transparency and reliability.

Plantecho Batch & Recipe Management solution creates a self-protected, error-proof environment that delivers accurate and reliable information, which results in quality consistency and improves performance.

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Maintain quality

Streamline operations, eliminate deviations and deliver the same quality every time by assuring operators have up to date specifications, instructions on demand, rule enforcement, and real-time visibility on procedures and execution data.


Increase productivity

Simple and familiar user interface guides operators and drives performance to the top. Modeled procedures designed to eliminate errors, increase efficiency and streamline manufacturing operations.

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Reduce cost

Efficient batch execution and optimum planning improves asset utilization which in turn leads to cost reduction in operations and faster time to market. Moreover, quality assurance minimizes risk and eliminates product recalls.

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Comply with regulations

Quality assurance enabled by guided batch execution, complete traceability, and advanced documentation, helps manufacturers meet standards, comply with regulations and pursue new market opportunities.

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Execute multi-level complex recipes efficinetly

Integration and control

Batch processes involve a number of different control points, both automated and human-based. Plantecho Batch Management merges automation, physical processes, and information systems into a unified environment. By sharing value in a bidirectional way between shop-floor, quality, and planning operations, it increases awareness, accurate response and assurance for correct execution and right process outcome.

Procedural modeling

Plantecho Batch Management follows the ISA-88 principles in separating the physical and procedural aspects of batch execution. It analyses recipes in multiple levels, phases, and procedures with clear definitions and boundaries and provides assistance and guidance to operators. This modeling approach provides a structured methodology in batch execution, as well as flexibility in managing complex product recipes.

Detailed traceability records

It is crucial for every manufacturing company to maintain credible documentation of operations related to product lifecycle. Manufacturers must be able to prove to external parties the quality standards of their processes and products, as well as to conduct investigations internally to understand why and how product quality was compromised. By complying with regulations and by demonstrating good practices, companies gain a significant advantage and widen the scope for new business opportunities.

Recipe Management

Managing recipes and maintaining up-to-date documentation in the shop-floor is a sensitive and complex process. Wrong execution will have an immediate effect on product quality and may even compromise consumer safety. Plantecho handles formulation authoring, publishing and execution and ensures that operators have all the necessary information and guidance to perform recipe execution with accuracy and within specifications.

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