Total Traceability

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The concept of traceability has a wide range of applications in manufacturing. Traditionally, traceability offers tools that allow a direct or indirect link between raw materials, intermediate products, and sales units. Especially for the pharmaceutical and the food & beverages industries, this is an essential practice that satisfies both quality assurance, as well as regulatory requirements.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, as product quality is can be affected by many factors that are material independent. Plantecho Total Traceability solution extends its monitoring capabilities beyond material flow and offers a complete chain of information that covers the entire product life cycle. By linking suppliers, processes, personnel, inventory handling, and material usage, Plantecho provides a detailed history of events and transactions, exactly as they happened.

Trace everything digitally

In the age of digital transformation, traceability in materials and operations must evolve to meet new standards and take advantage of new technologies. Paper forms and manual entry cannot guarantee accuracy, integrity nor adequacy of traceability data.

To optimize the process of tracing, Plantecho uses all means available to interconnect critical information that is necessary for product safety, procedural transparency, and overall traceability.

To achieve that, Plantecho combines transactional and electronic information to create a complete picture of the events that took place during production, storage, and handling of materials and products. Digital input, machinery indications, sensor data, and electronic tracking contribute to the formation of an informational network, which enforces process visibility and accountability.


Product genealogy

Overcome the challenges faced in traceability when dealing with multiphase production and product reuse. Plantecho can easily go through production records and generate a complete multilevel genealogy tree in seconds, no matter the complexity.

End to End

End-to-end traceability

Get the full picture of material usage and destination throughout the entire operations chain. Plantecho can execute bidirectional trace from raw material to final product and vice versa, even through intermediate phases and multiple mixes, with ease.

Industrial Automation

Recall management

One of the most important features of track and trace is the ability to know which defected product lots to recall and who to recall them from. Plantecho can identify material defects and trace affected products to recipients with a mouse click.


Complete transparency

Identify root causes of production problems with a thorough historical insight that combines material, personnel, performance, quality, and machine data, in one complete review that gives you broad visibility on events.

Manufacturing Execution System

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Maintain transparency, quality and customer safety

Product safety

Preventing a problem is always preferable than reacting to one. However, in the unfortunate event where product quality or even worse, product safety is compromised, manufacturers must be able to identify affected materials or processes and restrict the issue from spreading further. Plantecho Total Traceability helps businesses detect possible contamination in products and gives a detailed analysis for recall management purposes, to ensure product and customer safety.

Quality assurance

Traceability is complementary to Quality Assurance. It provides insights on how products where manufactured, both in recipe execution and in process. This information helps manufacturers assure that products are made according to specifications. Furthermore, the complete history of products helps identify potential causes of contamination or mistreatment, such as inappropriate storage temperature, exposure and misplacement in high risk areas.

Regulatory compliance

The ability to track and trace remains a legal requirement for many industries. Furthermore, businesses conduct strict audits to assure that manufacturers maintain adequate product and quality documentation to prove the composition of each batch/item and to trace their origin to raw materials and their suppliers. The ability to do so, with efficiency and data integrity, helps businesses remain in line with regulations and offers competitive advantages and new market opportunities.

Customer satisfaction

As customers become more informed and sensitive about the composition of products and the way they are manufactured, they also become more concerned and demanding for quality and transparency. To maintain reputation, protect customers and gain their trust, manufacturers must be able to asses and manage risk with efficient tools that help them identify, withdraw and recall unsafe products before they are used or consumed.

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