Quality Assurance

Integrate quality control procedures with shop floor operations

Maintain your brand’s reputation
with top quality and compliance

Customer satisfaction and product quality are top priorities for every company. As consumer demands become more strict and new directives and regulations are often published by authorities and forced even at international level, compliance is more critical than ever. In today’s competitive market, poor quality and irregularities can cause companies to face serious consequences, from brand depreciation to severe penalties.

To assure quality standards, manufacturers must develop a strategy that includes all critical control points that affect both production outcome and customer experience. Operations must be regulated end to end in the entire value chain, according to specifications. The implementation must involve constant processes monitoring, critical measurements, check points and personnel adequacy.

Plantecho Quality Assurance is integrated seamlessly throughout the product life cycle. In full compatibility with every other module, it offers the proper tools that allow companies to design quality procedures and controls that can be applied either independently or as integral part in operations.

Leverage the benefits of quality management

Ensuring that quality specifications are applied as required, can become a serious challenge in a multi-phase production environment. Plantecho handles procedural complexities in a variety of ways according to requirements.

Whether to validate prerequisites, to measure and evaluate operational conformity, or verify compliance, Plantecho offers a complete kit to deploy your quality plan, that works in harmony with the operational procedures.

Collaboration between quality assurance teams and production departments is reinforced as employees are “forced” to work side by side to achieve the necessary standards for top quality and regulatory compliance.

Industrial Automation

Reduce Risk

Integrate quality management in the product value chain, to ensure that all operations take place according to specifications and reduce the risk of defects or non-compliant parts reaching the next phase or the customer.


Eliminate defects

By providing personnel with adequate information and guidance, you will help them carry out activities in production with accuracy. Digital documentation and check lists will guarantee the best result in the first effort with minimum defects.


Improve effectiveness

Operators gain knowledge that empowers them to make decisions for the best outcome, as well as take corrective actions before quality issues escalate further, thus improving the overall effectiveness in production.

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Reduce cost

Spare the need to investigate the causes of non-conforming products or the need to rework defects and over produce to cover for shortages. Quality assurance policies lead to efficiency and in turn to cost reduction.

Manufacturing Execution System

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Streamline compliance, safety and sustainability

Flexible scaleability

Designing and deploying a quality strategy plan is not a one-time job. Business expansion, procedural changes, product variation, customer demands and new regulations, are constantly forcing companies to re-evaluate and modify their policies to meet regulation and achieve compliance. Plantecho Quality Assurance is designed to help manufacturers revise or expand their procedures as need to meet quality and safety requirements, without breaking current processes or interrupting the flow of production.

Regulatory compliance

The enforcement of directives and regulations is placing a tremendous pressure on companies to comply with quality standards that guarantee transparency and customer safety. Moreover, quality certifications require a more robust methodology that ensures the integrity and validity of data that prove conformity with quality standards. Custom spreadsheets and paper forms are no longer a viable solution. Digital quality management with Plantecho improves accuracy and integrity in quality records and eliminates conformity risk with health and safety standards.

Competitive edge

Building trust with customers is a very delicate process that is hard to achieve, but very fragile to maintain and easy to break. Customers are ever more demanding when it comes to consistency in product quality, which results to tougher competition. On the other hand, good practices and conformity contribute to product safety, consistency in quality and to a positive impact for your brand that will help you increase customer loyalty and gain more market opportunities.

Procedural integration

By merging quality procedures with shop floor operations, Plantecho creates a unified experience for your personnel that increases safety, reduces risk and guarantees that quality requirements are met at every stage. Quality assurance is not treated as complimentary to production, but rather it becomes an integral part of the value chain, in one seamless process where the flow of operations is governed by the level of compliance to quality requirements.

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