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Mobility plays a significant role in the effective management and execution of warehouse processes. It provides employees, as well as supervisors and managers the ability to connect, draw information and act upon it at all levels. By removing the constrains of physical location with mobile-enabled functionality, you can significantly improve people’s engagement and efficiency, in day-to-day activities.

Connectivity, accuracy and responsiveness are just a few out of the many advantages to be gained from mobility, all of which results to speeding up operations and minimizing errors. The positive effect of these benefits will eventually help you lower the operational cost of your warehouse, increase your ability to deliver on time and maintain a healthy and reliable business.

Modernize your warehouse with top-technologies

To expand the reach of information and your employee’s ability to operate without constrains will require a combination of hardware and software tools, that will enable remote connection to your warehouse management system.

The hardware infrastructure includes mobile devices such as handheld computers, tablets, smartphones and wearables. These devices give people the ability to remain connected, communicate and interact with the main system regardless their location.

On the other hand, the software that operates on these devices acts as the visual interface that provides people with guidance, notifications and the most relevant information they require to perform their duties. This can be anything from a simple task lists to sophisticated augmented reality environments.


Real-time interaction

Direct communication with the main system and with remote services in real-time, provides optimum coordination and collaboration of people and activities and helps them operate accurately and without errors.


Familiar interface

Powerful applications that operate on widespread and modern systems such as windows and android, offer user friendly interfaces and the flexibility to fulfill scalability requirements according to individual needs.


Industry oriented

Solutions that are designed to meet specifications for industrial use in terms of durability, safety and ease-of-use, without compromising functionality or any of the advanced features in modern applications


High performance

Fast and reliable interfaces provide rich user-experience that supports people on their jobs and help them improve performance, both in terms of speed and effectiveness.

Warehouse Management System

Advanced inventory management for top performance and complete visibility

Transition to the next level of warehousing

Improve accuracy and speed

One of the most important benefits of mobility solutions is that they provide advanced data capturing mechanisms. This can involve the use of barcode scanners, imagers, RFID readers, cameras and digital forms. By replacing the traditional hand-written systems with digital mobile solutions, you will increase both the speed and the accuracy at which your employees will operate and you will eliminate human errors caused by mistyping or misunderstanding manual user entries.

Reduce labor cost

Mobile applications provide users with current and relevant information to perform their daily tasks fast and accurately. With real-time information sharing, users are constantly updated with changes in inventory and requirements. This allows them to avoid unnecessary actions due to missing data, round-trips for verifications and mistakes. Guided procedures and real-time validations increase performance, eliminate errors and prevent the escalation of negative impact this may have on the chain of operations.

Monitor operations in real-time

Blind spots in process execution often causes time mismanagement and poor coordination of tasks. On-line transactions, enabled by Plantecho Mobility Solutions, allow the continuous flow of information of order picking execution and inventory actions as they take place. Consequently, this increases visibility as well as situational awareness and creates the potential of raising alarms when and if required, so that measures can be taken proactively, rather than reactively later on in the process.

Increase safety and reliability

Real-time validation checks keep employees aware of execution errors and changes in inventory. This helps them take immediate action and evaluate possible alternatives when needed. Functionality like FIFO enforcement, inventory reservations, quality and quantity restrictions, takes place in real-time on the inventory floor. Therefore, possible mistakes that can compromise the company’s reliability and the customer’s safety are dealt-with immediately, leaving small margins for error.

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