Digital Operations

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Streamline operations with digital transformation
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As we are entering the phase where the fourth industrial revolution is taking shape, companies around the globe are beginning to apply the ideas and principles of digital transformation throughout their entire operations pipeline. The benefits of the new paradigms are so profound, that companies that stay behind in implementation will face serious difficulties to remain competitive.

Plantecho operations management module, embraces the concepts of digital transformation in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. Plantecho creates digital bridges between the electronic and physical activities by connecting devices, information systems, and people together in a seamless ecosystem of process and control that spans beyond the limits of the traditional operations model.

Unified collaboration platform

To achieve interoperability between individual departments, entire facilities, information and automation systems, Plantecho maintains full compatibility among all modules in its ecosystem.

Whether it is an out-of-the-box solution or a tailor-made functionality, every aspect of Plantecho is connected and communicating information with the entire ecosystem, thus digitally bringing together different parts of the product value chain.

This approach allows Plantecho to support a multi-scale implementation to fit the requirements of each individual facility. You can start small with a single component and scale to enterprise level at your convenience, without risking the mayhem of individual independent systems.


Process-to-process communication

Eliminate costly operations by digitally passing data between interconnected processes. Reduce human interaction with smart operations that talk to each other and collaborate in an automated environment.

Real Time

Real-time control

Achieve operational awareness with real-time monitoring, valuable insight on current status, meaningful visualizations and critical alerts. Gain immediate control and empower people to act on time.

Industrial Automation

Event driven operations

Build behavioral patterns with event driven operations based on constant device data and human input monitoring. Take advantage of the Plantecho IIoT to fast track critical information and ensure immediate execution of automated actions.


Workflow based architecture

Design workflow-based procedures to cover complex operational scenarios that combine real-time data with business logic according to your needs. Use build-in actions or add custom made to fit specific cases.

Manufacturing Execution System

Ride the wave of Industry 4.0 with systems that drive operational excellence

Adapt to the requirements of the new digital era

Paperless work environment

The digitization of shop floor execution data is the first step on the road to digital transformation. Printed material, as well as the use of independent systems such as emails and excel files, create the perfect conditions for mistakes, miscommunication and poor performance. Plantecho digital operations management is designed to limited the need for manual data entry to minimum. Furthermore, it provides operators with up-to-date information on product specifications and process requirements digitally.

Decentralized business logic

In contrast to the traditional models, where all operations are controlled from one central authority, the upcoming changes in manufacturing are dictating a new paradigm of distributed autonomous operations centers, that interact with each other and execute actions on per case basis. Plantecho supports this notion with the implementation of distributed services and remote clients, designed to perform autonomously while at the same time remain connected to the main information pipe line.

Seamless integration

While new technologies constantly emerge offering powerful capabilities, manufacturing plants still run on systems and equipment that were designed to run in a disconnected model. To the benefit of the many, it is now possible to increase the value of existing assets by bridging the gap in the flow of information through complementary solutions and increase the return on existing investment. Plantecho acts as gateway between individual components from end to end in the entire value chain.

Adaptive flexibility

Continuous changes in market demands require an ongoing evolution in manufacturing as well. In order for companies to stay competitive they must become flexible and be in a position to either transform their processes or scale up to meet current demands. Plantecho is based on an additive architecture that allows new processes to be digitally modeled into the existing configuration without compromising the current functionality.

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