Auto-ID Applications

Automated applications with advanced identification systems

Outstanding reliability and transparency

Warehouse and manufacturing activities are heavily driven by the products, equipment and machinery systems to which they are related. Processes need to rely on systems that identify and retrieve asset information accurately and with blazing speed. Detecting and registering the right information is non-negotiable, and it still remains the most common failure point of both paper and computer-based information systems.

Auto-ID applications are automating the process of asset identification with a number of different technologies that offer speed, reliability and security, while maintaining full transparency and historicity. Because of their efficiency and their digital footprint, Auto-ID technologies can be used in a multitude of valuable applications that expand far beyond asset identification purposes.

The many faces of ID

Product and asset identification have been inextricably linked to coupling a piece of information with an entity’s identity. While this still remains the most common scenario, advances in technology allows us today to redefine the processes of identification outside traditional limits.

Plantecho Auto-ID solutions implement this technology to identify quality measurements, defects and potential issues that may need to be handled. Such implementations include the detection of failures in the formation, filling or assembly of products, the usage of inappropriate material and even the violation of critical constrains.

By applying identification technology to handling and production processes within your business, you will enable a powerful automation system for monitoring and capturing real-time information, which will help you dramatically increase performance and quality.

QR Code

Barcode scanning

Barcode has been the oldest and most popular identification method with many different applications. Imaging scanners with multiple barcode reading abilities are ideal for material handling operations.

RFID Magenda 48

RFID technology

The radio-frequency systems have the ability of multiple simultaneous reads and are ideal for short or long-range hands-free identification applications, that require speed, reliability and accuracy.


Machine vision

Complex pattern recognition algorithms enable the collection of information from images, which can be used to identify products without barcodes, detect possible defects and spot errors.

NFC Magenda 48

EF identification

Electromagnetic field technology offers a quick short-range identification mechanism and can be used for authentication and authorization applications for security and traceability purposes.

Warehouse Management System

Advanced inventory management for top performance and complete visibility

Measurable benefits across the entire value-chain

Unparalleled performance

The use of auto-ID technologies significantly raises the level of efficiency and productivity in manufacturing and warehousing. It provides operators with powerful tools to obtain information on remote locations, and use it to act safety and with confidence. This remarkably improves employee responsiveness and performance, while it enables them to get things done much faster than they would have if they relied exclusively on manual based systems.

Optimized inventory flow

By using identification tags and auto-ID technologies across the entire supply-chain, you can interconnect processes and monitor and regulate the flow of materials throughout their entire life-cycle. Tracking becomes an integrated part of material handling and each identification action is being registered and accounted for, allowing you to maintain accurate and detailed information over your inventory.

Improved ROI

Auto-ID solutions offer great ROI, which is easy to calculate due to the quantifiable and measurable operational improvements. It replaces a manual job with an automated process, minimizes rework requirements caused by human errors, increases employee efficiency and accountability and many more. All these advantages improve execution speed, reduce response time and consequently labor costs.

Quality assurance

Accuracy and speed contribute positively to the compliance and efficiency of quality procedures. Manual data entries and user-based validation methods, rely purely on the ability and efficiency of the operator to act with clarity at any given moment. On the other hand, auto-ID technologies eliminate the risk of human error, guarantee the correct identification and collection of data, operate in a secure and automated manner and offer great reliability and availability.

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