Data and process automation platform

Streamline processes
and solve business problems
with intelligent digital agents

Flexus is a unique intelligent platform that orchestrates physical and digital operations in real-time through automated agents. By interconnecting hardware equipment, virtual devices, data sources, and digital services it breaks the barriers between isolated systems and delivers value to the entire business. Connecting everything together in a unified interface, increases responsiveness, creates new opportunities for process optimization and improves overall business effectiveness.

Combine physical and digital information to enable
business intelligence

Integrated software
and hardware solutions that
deliver added-value services

Industrial IoT and workflow technologies allow Flexus to create autonomous decision-making services that manage and execute operations in real-time, based on current data from scattered information sources. With built-in functionality that requires no further customization, Flexus offers an out-of-the-box intelligent solution that reduces labor-cost, operates automated procedures with efficiency and adds value and new capabilities to existing systems.

Low-code automation platform that lets you implement
your custom business logic on-the-fly

We did all the hard work so that you can benefit from automation without the hassle of programming

Increase asset utilization and improve return on existing investment

Integrating isolated systems in a unified operational model creates capabilities for improved resource utilization that wasn’t possible before. Performance metrics, real-time automated control, and reduced manual labor are all benefits of digital transformation in manufacturing, which result in waste reduction and an increase in yield. This adds significant value to existing assets and reduces the need for capital investment on new equipment.

Speed up implementation time with
ready to use functionality

Familiar interface designers and built-in tools will help you create automated systems on-the-fly

Plug n Play

Built-in communication drivers for common protocols that help you talk to devices


Easy to use condition-based workflow designer to help you develop business logic

Ready to use

Built-in ready to use functionality to help you jump-start with your workflows

Custom UI

Develop custom visualizations and interaction views with the built-in designer


Use a lightweight version to provide users with a limited capability environment


Safeguard operations by limiting user-access to entire views or specific commands


Use built-in diagnostic tools to evaluate and test configuration and business logic


Flexus is fully compatible and seamlessly integrated with Plantecho system

Lead your company to the era of digital manufacturing

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