Advanced Analytics

Contextualize your data and empower your business with actionable information

Targeted improvements
based on meaningful data

Even though manufacturers are becoming proficient in collecting vast amounts of data on a daily basis, it may, however, be of limited value or even totally meaningless, if it remains unstructured and without context. Before attempting improvement of a condition or a process, it is essential to maintain a certain level of situational awareness and a deep understanding of what needs to change and why. This can only be achieved through a combination of targeted measurements and data science, capable of producing informative analytics.

Plantecho Advanced Analytics help manufacturers bring to surface issues, by making sense of a multitude of data produced both by machine and humans. This is done with tools that process and contextualize data before examination and comparison. Either by cross-reference or by benchmarking against optimal conditions, Plantecho can help businesses diagnose complex issues that are not straightforward to understand.

You can’t know what you don’t measure

Manufacturers avoid or neglect improvements because they maintain a static notion of performance and optimal conditions in daily operations. Industrial companies may run for years without challenging the current status quo in the way operations run. This leads to a generally accepted assumption that existing practices are designed as best as possible.

Accurate and reliable metrics presented as KPIs reveal the true levels of achievement both in quality and performance. These evaluations are both a wakeup call and an opportunity for businesses to improve their placement in the market among the top operating companies in their field.

Digital measurements along with powerful analytics by Plantecho, compose an advanced set of tools that give meaning to scattered data by transforming them into actionable insights.


Data contextualization

Transform senseless data into real information by bringing context to measurements. Enhance your understanding of key insights and use them to enable intelligent corporate decision making.


Noise removal

Improve information quality and accuracy by identifying and removing noise in raw data collection that distorts the end-result and the actual intelligence contained within measurements.


Data visualization

Increase your understanding of metrics and your responsiveness to events, with tools that visualize analytics and provide notifications in a variety of methods, familiar to the way humans perceive information.


Out of the box KPIs

Start an immediate evaluation of performance with a variety of predefined key performance indicators that are based on global modeled practices, such as downtimes, production yield, asset utilization and OEE.

Manufacturing Execution System

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Business level intelligence

Data can be interpreted and used in a multitude of ways, and depending on the purpose of the analysis or the intended audience, different conclusions may take shape. For instance, a machine operator may analyze energy consumption fluctuations for mechanical failures while an executive manager may analyze the same data to evaluate the correlation to production yield. No matter the why or how, combination and aggregation of data and the blending of relative information, provides businesses with valuable intelligence that creates new opportunities for improvement and empowers better decision making.

Real-time analysis

An important factor in the efficiency of analytics, is the time frame at which it is applied. A month’s period reporting reveals key performance average-weight based results and provides valuable data to be used in the future. On the other hand, real-time data enables immediate decision making and the ability to take corrective actions on time. It is important for businesses to have all options available and apply them according to their needs. Plantecho is a real-time based system that is constantly generating current information, while at the same time maintains historical records that enable aggregated periodic data analysis.

Data-driven manufacturing

While analytics provide valuable insights on performance and historical facts, they also present trends that demonstrate opportunities and drawbacks in production. These trends can be used for prediction, but most importantly they can be used to prevent an imminent situation from taking place, like a machine failure or a serious delay. Using data at real-time as part of daily processes is acting like a compass that steers operators through common problems and drives production to optimal results.

Profit and loss analysis

Another quality of analytics is that it can combine production data such as yield, utilization and volume, with financial terms like cost and value to produce real-time profitability and cost results. These indications serve multiple purposes both at business and operational levels. Manufacturers receive an immediate report on actual profits and supervisors get a clear view of the performance impact and a better motivation. Both are empowered to take immediate action and respond within the required time frame.

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