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Warehouse Management Systems are essential for administering inventory and supply-chain operations in efficient and cost-effective ways. A software implementation of WMS, boosts the advantages of inventory management and helps warehouses achieve faster their ultimate goal, which is to implement an effective, flexible and responsive business model while maintaining maximum customer satisfaction.

Plantecho WMS is an advanced software solution that spreads across the entire handling cycle of goods. Either internal or B2B, inventory operations are managed and processed with accuracy, speed and complete visibility, thus making the warehouse a valuable company asset.

Empower your business

Capitalize on the benefits of digital transformation by creating efficient process models

Integrate hardware

Integrate complementary hardware to expand the reach of WMS and create the conditions for blending human and machine actions in one seamless process.

Promote synergy

Sustain a continuous cross-process and cross-department flow of information by merging WMS and ERP functionality to improve transparency and responsiveness.

Automate processes

Reduce significantly the amount of repetitive low-value actions that people execute on daily basis by automating the flow of work with digital transactions.

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Maintain customer satisfaction

Customer trust and satisfaction is hard to achieve and easy to break. Shipment delays, missing products and poor communication, result to unhappy customers and lost revenue. Plantecho WMS helps you manage shipment orders with efficiency and speed, by keeping you up to date with current needs, pending orders and unattainable deliveries. Furthermore, automated shipment flows, guarantee product accuracy, the minimization of errors and a significant improvement in speed and performance.

Reduce operating cost

The most significant costs in warehouses are related to labor performance and errors in product handling, caused by missing information, unnecessary checks, repetitive steps and poorly designed processes. On the other hand, guided operations, real-time information, continuous validations and monitoring provided by Plantecho WMS, offer valuable assistance to operators that helps them execute daily jobs in the optimal way and remain informed with current data at all times.

Achieve efficient inventory management

The effort required to handle and organize goods in warehouses is enormous and almost impossible to achieve with accuracy and in due time without an adequate information system. Plantecho WMS handles the complexities of stock management with smart ID and mobility solutions, easy to understand and use interfaces, guided processes and real-time information monitoring and sharing that assure quality of service, efficiency in operations and overall product handling improvements.

Enable smart operations

With digital transformation being on the front-line of the fourth industrial revolution, it is essential that companies create the optimum strategy for applying its principles in order to benefit from its many advantages. The key to success is the digital flow of information in a way that overcomes bureaucracy, while at the same time maintains transparency and security. Plantecho WMS integrates business models and execution models in a seamless process that creates new opportunities for performance and efficiency.

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