Excellence Awards

Digital upgrade of business models
and transformation of flour mill into new generation smart factory

Alpiconn wins
Smart Factory Silver Award

We are proud to be presented with Silver Award during the Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2019 in a joined nomination with Kepenos Mills for digitally upgrading the company's business models and transforming a flour mill into new generation smart factory.

Alpiconn contributed to the digital transformation of the company's business models by applying a combination of cutting-edge technologies such as IIoT, RFID, Machine Vision, AUTO-ID and automated workflows, to their business, production and warehouse management processes. By investing in technologically advanced solutions and enhancing the active role of its staff, Kepenos Mills automated its production division by eliminating outdated practices and enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of its business structures.

We are grateful to Kepenos Mills for their persistence in innovation, the intense work and the lasting partnership that keeps us all going further together and achieving real excellence in manufacturing.

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