General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Ensure your business's compliance with Plantecho

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Ensure your business's compliance with Plantecho

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, has been active since May 25th 2018. It provides a number of regulations concerning the management and processing of personal data of individuals. For deeper understanding of this regulation please refere to the official EU web site here.

What it means and how it affects you

Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. Managing your production processes, or any other process with Plantecho, you are immedietly affected by this regulation. Plantecho maintains, either directly or indirectly, a range of information that are related to your employees' activity whithin your company's environment. Therefore, you must take the necessary compliance measures to ensure the protection of these data as well as it's appropriate use.

Personal Data within Plantecho System

The personal data retained by Plantecho are aimed solely at evaluating the compliance to the company's objectives and in ensuring its proper operation.

Data collection can take place with one or more of the following ways:

  • Automatically with the use of electronic equipment
  • Automatically during the software use
  • Through user data entry

The purpose of data collection and processing can be:

  • Ensuring the quality of the company's services to third parties
  • ensuring the quality of the company's services to employees
  • Ensuring the quality of employee services to the company
  • Ensuring the security of the company and the employees
  • The company's compliance with the quality and traceability regulations

GDPR Compliance with Plantecho

In the context of implementing GDPR, Plantecho provides a range of features to help your business meet regulatory requirements.

Classified Access to Information Plantecho supports the restriction of access to information and features by classification of users and user roles, thus ensuring the privacy of sensitive data.
Personal Data Management Policy Plantecho contains embedded tools that allow you to define and manage the company's personal data management policy.
Personal Data Management Policy Notification Plantecho provides user with notifications about company's personal data management policy as well as the means to electronically consent.
Electronic Consent Forms Users can electronically consent or withdraw their consent to the company's current privacy policy.
User Data Archives Upon request, users can electronically receive the information recorded in the Plantecho system that is linked directly or indirectly to them.
Remove or Declassify Personal Data If required, Plantecho provides the option of totally deleting or decrypting personal data so that it can not be connected to employees.

Stay Updated

Failure to comply with the regulation may result in fines of several thousand euros for your company. Therefore, it is very important that you immediately take the necessary steps to protect the personal data you manage. In order to be able to use the GDPR features in Plantecho, you need to upgrade your systems to the latest version of the software.

Contact your partner today to schedule a system upgrade and learn how to use the tools available to meet regulatory requirements.

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