D. Nomikos .S.A.

Process optimization with industrial IoT
& cloud based analytics

Alpiconn adds value to production data and empowers decision-making at
D. Nomikos S.A. with cloud analytics

The need

D. Nomikos S.A. is the largest and oldest cannery in Greece. Counting more than 100 years of history, the company remains dedicated to producing the finest quality tomato paste, by combining tradition, knowledge, and technology. The company's processing capacity of fresh tomatoes spans across three different factories and exceeds 300,000 tons per season in total.

Coordinating production planning in alignment with a dynamic sales policy and a challenging supply chain, is a demanding procedure that requires accurate and up-to-date information on actual production and inventory data across all sites.

The company assessed the need for a unified system to provide a single source of information and trusted Alpiconn to design and implement an online platform to connect three factories with the company's business goals.


To achieve the ultimate goal of producing reliable and current data for production planning and sales, Alpiconn implemented a complete solution, that combines shop-floor raw data with ERP information in a unified cloud platform


Flexus Workflow & IoT

  • Data collection
  • Automated workflows
  • Real-time production
  • Machinery monitoring

Plantecho Operations Management

  • Production planning
  • Execution management
  • Digital operations
  • Traceability

Plantecho Cloud

  • Aggregated data
  • Multi-site analysis
  • Sales monitoring
  • Order planning

Back Office Integration

  • End-to-end integration
  • On-line connectivity
  • Automated operations
  • Value-added functionality

"The utilization of production data across three factories in a central remote system helped us obtain an accurate view in real-time and became the basis for decision-making for the planning and management of the entire supply chain."

Petros Nomikos

Top technologies for top performance

Digital data capture and manipulation created an efficient paperless environment
Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Real-time monitoring and control for equipment and machines

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Reliable data capture with 1D and 2D barcode readers


Digital Workflows

Smart operation through event-based business logic

Cloud services

Cloud Services

Data aggregation and analytics on remote environments

Data and process automation platform

Streamline processes and solve business problems with intelligent digital agents

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